Need to make money from your website? Keep hearing that SEO is dead?

Online marketing is the new frontier but with people the world over declaring that SEO is dead, it’s daunting, overwhelming and just plain confusing for small businesses to know how to approach it.


As a small business owner you know you must have a website, you know you must be promoting online, you know your very survival depends on it, but where to start?


The Death of SEO will guide you through what you need to do today for your website to rank well in Google; it is still possible. Regardless of your goals for your website, you must understand how Search Engine Optimisation works in today’s market and how it can help you to succeed online. This book is a how-to guide to get you there.


About the Author

Charles Bosse is the typical lifestyle entrepreneur that you only ever seem to read about.  For years now he has generated over a million dollars a year in profit from his websites.  He works 5 hours a week (usually by the pool), has no office, no local staff and spends most of time living the dream.


After 20 years of working in very traditional industries such as print media and insolvency, Charles has, for the last 5 years, worked exclusively on his various online businesses, perfecting his SEO skills and achieving incredible results. In The Death of SEO, Charles provides a road map to navigating SEO in the online market of 2015.


The Death of SEO is not an academic white paper, it’s not a theory, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, and it’s by no means exhaustive, but it does offer real world, first-hand, practical knowledge and strategies to get your website ranked in Google. Written for the small business owner, the entrepreneur, or anyone that wants to build an online business, it is free of jargon and technical nonsense, providing proven, easy to understand direction.


If you want to succeed online, want to stop living week to week, want to give up the commute, want to be your own boss – The Death of SEO will provide the secret to getting visitors to your website and building a successful lifestyle business.


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