Charles Bosse

Charles bosse founder of Slingshot Internet Marketing and author of The Death of SEO.

After 20 years of working in very traditional industries such as print media and insolvency, Charles has, for the last 5 years, worked exclusively on his various online businesses, perfecting his SEO skills and achieving incredible results. He now operates over 100 websites that are ranking No 1 in Google searches and generating millions of dollars in income.

The strategies used by Charles are not theory, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme – it is real world, first-hand, practical techniques to get your website ranked in Google. He is dedicated to working in partnership with small business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone that wants to build an online business. His approach is free of jargon and technical nonsense, providing proven, easy to understand direction – you don’t need a technician, you need a business partner.

Through his eBooks, books, blog posts, videos and eNewsletters, Charles provides the secrets to getting visitors to your website and building a successful online business.

Charles Bosse founded Slingshot Internet Marketing because he was unable to find an SEO agency that treated him like a partner and had a true understanding of his business and his goals. His Slingshot Internet Marketing agency is built on the focus that your website needs to make your money and generate real results, end of story! The Slingshot Internet Marketing team are dedicated to real world techniques and strategies that are results-based. And Charles recently wrote The Death of SEO to help small businesses and entrepreneurs to navigate the confusing SEO landscape of 2015.

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